BusinessX: Business meets Excellence


The Client in Brief:

Business-X is a new one-of-a-kind online platform that automizes the identification of business prospects for registered brands & businesses and helps in converting them into customers.  An advanced CRM software with automatic lead generation that searches and identifies business prospects, lets company representatives connect, along with an integrated social media environment for registered businesses and digital marketing system. It adds up to its powerful marketing algorithm and functionalities with registering only businesses that have a proof of credibility, which increases the level of trust between businesses.


The Objective in Brief:

BusinessX, as a brand-new platform which doesn’t have any brand awareness, became Sisarv’s client in order to increase its brand awareness throughout North America and receive a constant flow of businesses to register at the website.

Client: BusinessX

Date: 2016

Objectives: Brand Awareness & Traffic Generation

Target Location: USA



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