• Gandhi Hotel Hospital

    طراحی وب‌سایت

  • Gandhi Hotel Hospital

    طراحی بروشور دو زبانه

  • Gandhi Hotel Hospital

    تولید محتوا و طراحی کاتالوگ عربی و انگلیسی

  • Gandhi Hotel Hospital

    طراحی اوراق اداری

  • Gandhi Hotel Hospital

    طراحی کاتالوگ

  • هتل بیمارستان گاندی

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Gandhi Hotel Hospital: The Healthcare Crossroads


The Client in Brief

The collaboration between Sisarv and Gandhi Hotel Hospital has started in 2014. In comparison to other hospitals, Ghandi Hotel Hospital puts its special focus on health tourism in addition to diagnostic and patient treatment services. The hospital managers rely on the experience and skill of health practitioners in Iran to bring their services into health tourism. Therefore they needed professional services to promote the hospital online and offline for their international goals.


The Objective in Brief:

After doing market research and benchmarking for the hospital, the brand persona was developed based on the findings and analysis of the target audience by our creative team, as well as developing catalogues, brochures and office items. For competing with re-known international medical institutions, Ghandi Hotel Hospital first needs to establish a name on digital space. For actually attracting local and foreign patients by using Iran’s capacities in the field of health tourism, the website was also translated into English and Arabic. Three catalogues were written for Ghandi Hotel Hospital in three different languages emphasizing on different purposes: A comprehensive Persian catalog aiming at introducing patients, doctors and medical centers inside the country. An English catalog aiming at providing complete information on medical services to an international audience. And a bilingual English-Arabic catalogue for communication with the board, embassies and other foreign organizations with a focus on health tourism. Aside from writing catalogues for both domestic and international purposes, our creative team also wrote brochures concerning specific medical services to be used as a guide by patients throughout the hospital’s different departments. We also took care of public advertising for the hospital on several opportunities, including the stand, and designed promotional gifts for use as welcome presents to new patients. Sisarv also provides services such as blog content, news production and various promotional item designs to Ghandi Hotel Hospital.

Client: Gandhi Hotel Hospital

Date: August 2014

Objectives: Brand Awareness and Promotion – Online and Offline

Website: gandhihospital.ir


  • Brand Persona Development
  • Office Item Design
  • Text and Video Content
  • Professional Photography of Hospital Wards
  • Catalogue Design (Farsi, English, Arabic)
  • Trilingual Website Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Promotional Gifts
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