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IRNIC: Creating an Identity


The Client in Brief:

IRNIC is the registration office for all national Iranian web-domains ( .ir  .iran). It’s under the supervision of the Institute of Research in fundamental sciences in Iran and the Internet Corporation for Assigned names and numbers (ICANN). Their aim is to maintain and improve the stability and security of the Iranian web-space.


The Objective in Brief:

Our job was to design their entire logo and corporate identity, up to stationary office elements. This involved both digital and offline elements with the goal to promote IRNIC’s brand as an important registration office for the Iranian web-domain space. Furthermore, we have designed promotional gifts, brochures, brand books and exhibition advertisements.

Client: ccTLD Registry of Iran (IRNIC)

Date: Jun 2014

Objectives: CI Design and Development on each Brand Touch-Point

Website: nic.ir


  • Logo and Corporate Identity Design
  • Stationary Design
  • Digital Identity Elements Design
  • Promotional Gifts Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Events and Exhibition Ads Design
  • Brand Book Creation
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