Philips Medical Equipments: Stocking up Iranian Healthcare with Taimaz


The Client in Brief:

Philips belongs to the top healthcare device suppliers in the world. It creates CT scanners, MRIs, X-Ray devices and a list of other healthcare machinery  that are essential to hospitals, clinics and the present day healthcare segment. Its Iranian representative, Taimaz, works closely with promoting and establishing healthcare machinery in Iranian hospitals. Sisarv worked with the healthcare department of Philips to market its products in the Iranian healthcare segment.


The Objective in Brief:

The cooperation between Sisarv and Taimaz began with a deal on marketing and public relations services. The strategic goals and the importance of developing a marketing plan to sell imaging devices and medical equipment by Taimaz was planned with the consultancy of Sisarv. It included developing a marketing plan based on the mission and vision, determining products classification, sales and distribution strategies and advertising tools. Sisarv has also created advertising content for the audience of the 30th congress of Radiology and public relation services for their public relations, by sending promotional emails, taking photographs and designing and producing brochures.

Client: Taimaz

Date: April 2014

Objectives: Brand Awareness through PR



  • Marketing Plan
  • Online PR
  • Content Production
  • Photography
  • News Coverage
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