The determination in following clear marketing procedures is important for an organization to successfully reach objectives in time. Therefore, all advertising and communications need accurate scientific planning. By conducting targeted market research for understanding customers and their media habits we give brands a developed and integrated communication strategy.

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Market Research

Market research is a process where all the information that is needed to successfully make your business thrive is collected. This helps understanding the market and target audience, identifying the most effective ways of communication with customers or clients and developing a proper communication strategy to plan and implement a memorable campaign. We divide our market research process into three stages:

تحقیقات بازار
Audience Analysis

This consists of two parts: first the target audience’s preferences in terms of purchasing behavior and decision –making criteria is being assessed. Then, the target audience’s media habits will be analyzed. In other words, research in this part gives insight into consumer behaviors of a target audience.

Competitor Analysis

In this step, the strengths and weaknesses of competitors will be analyzed, along with how they get communicated to the target audience. The aim is to identify our position in contrast to competitors and to encourage unique advertisements.


In this final part, the leading international and domestic companies will be evaluated on how they make a connection with the target audience. This can help us in designing and implementing a successful ad as well.

Communication Strategy

Communication lines are set to work for a diverse range of purposes. These include creating brand and product awareness, identify and raise customer demand, attract new customers and strengthen the relationship with existing customers and maintain competitiveness. To reach these goals, targeted planning and principled strategies must be prepared while making an effective use of resources to reach goals. Sisarv conducts extensive market research and accurate analysis of the industry and competitors along with the knowledge and experience in this area. This prepares the way for a comprehensive communication strategy in order to make your business achieve its major goals.

360 Degree Marketing and Communications Campaign

The 360 marketing communication campaign is a new method that is developed to use all possible contact points to engage audiences with your brand. Its benefits lie in preparing an accurate marketing communications strategy for the proper inclusion of the entire target audience, creating a wider brand awareness.

Sisarv has several years of experience backed with detailed knowledge of marketing communication tools and their target audience, along with 360-degree marketing and communication capabilities to accompany you in getting your brand become a success.



Plan and Purchase of media

The application of a business strategy requires the proper selection, purchase and planning of media, in line with integrated marketing communications. At Sisarv, the choice of media is taken by using accurate knowledge of the audience’s media habits with the following criteria

  • Target Group Index (TGI)
  • Price per Media
  • Category Development Index(CDI)
  • Brand Development Index (BDI)
  • Reach
  • Impact

First we purchase the most effective media by closely working with its suppliers. In order to increase their effect, we conceive a message that fits a client’s desired goals. Afterwards we publish the message based on the target audience’s media habits. Finally we will define the distinctive criteria to evaluate the outcome of the entire procedure.

Creative Content

Photography, digital content and video production, along with general and specialized advertising text content, slogans, taglines and mantras are examples of creative content that  our creative team can produce.

Photography can be a great tool to convey a message in line with a communications strategy. Sisarv employs skilled photographers that also take care of all design and editing stages, who know how to convey your message effectively to your audience.

Teasers and clips are produced by our creative team with the know-how in timing and placing your clip for optimized communications. Sisarv sets high standards in shooting locations, set design, lighting and camera movement.

Our creative and content production teams collaborate on creating different kinds of text content such as strategy statements, slogans, taglines, mantras and general or specialized blog entries.

We also design posters, banners and other types of promotional tools by combining different creative content to bring you the attention of your audience.

Planning and holding Events

Holding events such as seminars, conferences or exhibitions is a great way to make your audience have a memorable experience. This is a great way for your brand to find its own room in the hearts of your audience. We are keen in planning, designing and hosting your live events, i.e. at exhibitions.

Design and Production of Presentational Tools


Direct marketing through catalogs is an effective tool to present products, services and their information directly to your customers. By depicting artistic pictures and graphics, accompanied by text,  you will attract new customers and spread brand awareness with ease.


Brochures are one of the most common direct marketing tools which include summarized information about your goods and/or services. We help you reach a broader audience by designing eye-catching brochures.