We work on meeting market and audience demands through digital means by employing a team of experienced specialists in the area of digital marketing, along with a complete set of digital marketing tools to supply our customers.

“At Sisarv, we combine strategic management concepts with technological capabilities to help you achieve your business goals.”


Developing communication and digital advertising campaigns

A digital advertising campaign consists of a set of integrated online tasks with clear marketing objectives over a defined period of time. We have expert knowledge and experience with various digital advertising campaigns, including occasional campaigns, email marketing campaigns and banner ads, along with having a broad base of contacts in various fields, while working closely with digital media owners.

Digital Asset Audit

With many years of experience in the fields of digital marketing, we know all digital media and tools, along with the criteria and methods for evaluating their influence. We also provide effective strategies to improve your digital assets.

  • Technical and functional analysis of website with tools such as 7C framework, google webmaster and google analytics
  • Social networks performance evaluation by using several checklists and tools
  • Evaluation of website SEO state technically and content-based
  • Analysis of progress and results of online ad campaigns and offerings on effective strategies for their improvement.

Web Design

Sisarv Marketing and Communications agency designs your website in accordance with your brand persona and objectives. We provide professional SEO, visual and textual content for your website in compliance with your industry standards.

Some distinct features of our web designs are

  • Perfect alignment with your business strategy and customer segments
  • Specialized design based on usability and accessibility concepts
  • Responsive design fit for a display on smartphones and tablets
website design طراحی وب سایت

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

This process is used to put your website on top of natural and algorithmic search engine results. Our team will use the most recent and effective technical methods along with the production and examination of appropriate content to get the attention of your target-audience.

  • Improvement of brand awareness for growing website traffic
  • Keyword planning for optimized search engine indexing
  • Traffic-generation through content-sharing and ads on high-traffic websites
  • Website and brand popularity through an active presence on social networks

Online PR

Online Public relations is the means to foster effective relations between your brand and target audience by creating a valued company, brand and product reputation to satisfy customer demands. Sisarv provides modern digital public relation tools and media in accordance with your industry standards and the interests of your target audience through various spaces:

  • Mobile App Design
  • Social Networking
  • Real-life and online events


  • Blogging, advertising, creative content
  • Online publishing on renowned spaces

Social Networking

Social networks such as facebook, Instagram, twitter or apparat provide the foundation for an active relationship to customers on different online platforms. An active presence on social networks will benefit your website and will eventually make your brand become more renown.

  • Account creation and active management
  • Frequent and timed content updates
  • Management and integration of your social media
  • Response to comments and questions from users
  • Gaining followers for your social media accounts

Content Marketing

The best way to attract new customers and keep the existing ones is to make use of attractive visual and verbal content which is capable of communicating your brand messages. Sisarv produces a variety of specialized content to communicate the message of your brand as well as possible.

  • Email newsletters
  • Referral Videos and Guides
  • Books and Manuals
  • Podcasts and Audio Files
  • Webinars
  • Infographics
  • Maps, Charts and Diagrams
  • FAQs and questionnaires

Email Marketing

Emailing is one of the most cost-effective direct marketing tools for communicating directly with contacts. Though a lot of experience in this area we know how to captivate your audience through newsletters, blogs, email designs and current trends for a successful email campaign:

  • Defining campaign objectives and analyzing audiences
  • Providing a database of current and/or potential customers
  • Sending emails with targeted content and design
  • Encouraging audiences to newsletter subscription
  • Statistical analysis of campaign results