With information technology developing, the digital world is growing and people give more attention to e-commerce. If businesses want to achieve continuous success, they need to establish a firm and well-trafficked online presence. Businesses in the virtual world have certain advantages, including direct accessibility to information and cost reduction while also not being limited to physical space. Eventually consumers can have access to their products/services directly. Sisarv combines the knowledge of information technology and managerial sciences to set up an effective infrastructure for your e-business.


Researching the market helps business owners and those looking to start a new business in discovering opportunities and increasing awareness of the overall situation of the market and competitors. Such research naturally gives reason for many questions, including how to classify the target audience and their attitude, the state of competitors, how to forecast the market size and sales monitoring among others. Reliable market research results require sufficient expertise with online spaces. Sisarv employs professionals with extensive experience in different fields to make its clients comprehend e-commerce.

After having finished market research, a method must be developed for the way a company approaches its business to make stable profit. Backed by the gathered available resources and customer requirements and values, suggestions will be made on how to be more profitable and how to benefit the organization more effectively. In other words, using a professional business model improves the position of a business in the value chain of the customer. Sisarv relies on the firm experiences of its personnel combined with effective cooperation in setting up and managing multiple electronic startups to accompany you in establishing and developing your e-business.
An accurate business model answers these questions:

  • What is the organization’s approach for value creation for its audience?
  • How is the organization going to make profit using created value?

Strategic planning is a process that businesses use to conduct programs with long-term visions in order to achieve objectives and fulfill their mission. If the plan is set out properly, it will lead to the selection of strategies for practical application and bring excellence and leadership to the organization. Due to heavy competition in e-commerce, another focus must lie in the practical aspect of constant improvement in the area. Sisarv employs experts to review your organization’s internal and external environment, its opportunities and threats and internal strengths and weaknesses by considering your organization’s mission.

While developing the business model and strategic plan, both must be implemented into your organization. An organization is an independent body with clear limits and specific structures and goals. While designing the structure of an organization, the various sectors including information technology and control systems, human resource policies, corporate culture, ongoing procedures and inter-organizational relationships need to be taken into account. Yet there are essential differences between the structure of traditional and online-based organizations. Sisarv provides consulting in the field of electronic business startups and its specific characteristics.


Visual Identity Design and Development

The integrity and harmony of different aspects of an online brand will be available by defined rules and standards under the name of brand identity. Determining a brand’s main goals, core values and characteristics is a vital part of brand identity design process. Due to the immense size and possibilities of e-commerce a brand must develop a highly strong identity to differentiate itself from competitors. Some visual elements we design for this purpose are:

  • Graphical elements: Logos, colors, fonts
  • Digital elements: Website templates, newsletters, social networks cover photos
  • Office items: letterheads, envelopes, folders, business cards
  • Advertising tools: Catalogs, brochures, banners, etc.

Web Stores

In e-commerce, the web store is the first and foremost important contact point with the audience. An attractive and user-friendly website with high technical standards is vital for attracting and retaining customers. An easy-to-use web store for online product/service access is essential for the success of a business and conversely a bad designation may causes failure. Our IT department experts provide all the technical know-how to set up a quality web store:

  • An easy-to-access sitemap for products
  • web design standards such as 7C
  • Responsive design
  • Professional content production
  • Guided purchase process design for customers

Hosting and Monitoring

Webhosting manages a website’s platform. The quality and consistency of web-hosting is the essential job of webmasters. The continuous and timed monitoring of operations evaluates the status of servers and network systems, especially in case of system failures on the system or server to send reports to the web-host with specific detailing on the issue. We can provide the necessary infrastructure for high-quality web-hosting.

Logistics and Tech-Support

Logistics is a part of the supply chain managing the effective and efficient storage of goods, services and information from its initial point up to the final consumption, in order to meet customer requirements. Sisarv provides logistics services on all related subjects including purchase, manufacturing, insurance, maintenance, warehousing, distribution, transportation along with planning and preparing the entire process and its supervision:

  • Trade and distribution cost-reduction
  • Reducing investment risk
  • Provide logistics and optimized distribution systems
  • Customer support
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Constant development

Digital Marketing

E-commerce is purely conducted online. That makes digital marketing being one of the most important approaches for marketing strategy. Due to the importance of digital marketing in e-commerce, we monitor cyberspace and customize our services based on user behaviors. Our offers in this area include the following

  • Advertising and communications campaigns
  • Digital Asset audit
  • Search Engine Optimization and upgrading websites
  • Social network account management
  • Online PR
  • Content marketing
  • email marketing

Business Intelligence

Organizations face a large cluster of information both on the inside and the outside. Recognizing important data and applications and the correct storage and analysis of that data plays a vital role in the growth and development of the organization. Predicting such information precisely helps taking the right steps to expand a business in a competitive market. At this point, an approach to Business Intelligence (BI) should be implemented. Management dashboards which are designed for properly analyzing raw data, producing information, decision-making and application reporting are important tools of business intelligence. Sisarv consults businesses professionally about smarter approaches on their field.