Healthcare marketing can be a means to improve public health by using modern and innovative marketing tools to communicate messages for supporting healthcare services. This helps in promoting medical services offered by doctors, dentists, clinics, hospitals and cosmetic clinics, introducing the best and most ethical healthcare services. Great advancements in the area of healthcare marketing have been made globally and Iran now has the chance to join.

We have identified these shortcomings on domestic ground, which is why we work on promoting healthcare support.

Branding for Medical Practitioners and Centers

Branding for healthcare facilities is a complex and sensitive task. Since it directly deals with the health of individuals, obtaining information from marketing ads will awake neither a patient’s interest nor their trust sufficiently. In a segment like healthcare, people feel much more reassured when they hear experiences and recommendations from other patients

Sisarv provides the following healthcare services:
برندسازی پزشکان Physician Branding
Branding Strategy

Developing long-term strategies to ensure the success of healthcare brands that stand for genuine treatment and protection is vital for the functioning of a country’s society. We accompany our clients in these sensitive steps with market knowledge and responsibility.

طزاحی سایت پزشکان
Brand Name and Persona

Healthcare brands have to be represented with trustworthiness and responsibility. Coming up with a brand idea to meet demands of healthcare professionals can assist them in the competitive Iranian healthcare industry. We choose our branding carefully for keeping the high standards.

طراحی لوگو پزشکان
Logo, Tagline and Slogan

Due to the important nature of target goals in healthcare, branding and logo design needs to indicate the protective and caring philosophy of the brand. Using confident taglines and slogans can be helpful in making the brand develop a persistent reputation among patients.

برندبوک بیمارستان
Visual Identity Design

One of the most important marketing principles in the healthcare segment is the use of integrated elements that represent a brand’s identity. Sisarv produces brand books that include all the elements used by a healthcare brand across all of its access points.

Advertising tools for doctors and medical centers

With correct tools and strategic planning, the conveyed message of a healthcare brand will have a greater impact on the audience. First of all, market research needs to be conducted based on current trends within the segment, competitor activity and the audience’s insight.

For this, we will use the most effective tools for advertising and audience targeting in your business.

Creative visual and text content

We put our effort in the continuous production of news-articles in the field of healthcare to inform audiences of current health issues and to create brand awareness. The use of appealing visual content and imaging are also an efficient way to attract audiences into using healthcare services. Our content production team at Sisarv works on providing such services to our clients.

Catalogs and brochures

Printed catalogs and brochures can inform audiences on healthcare services and their details. Healthcare facilities like clinics and hospitals can receive these services from our Creative Department.


We offer professional photography services fit for hospitals, clinics and medical equipment suppliers. Using these pictures on communication media such as catalogs, brochures and websites leave a valuable and memorable image of your brand.

Outdoor advertising

With outdoor advertising we use physical surroundings to draw the attention of a wide range of audiences by using tools such as posters, banners, pop ups and roll ups. They can be used in exhibitions, seminars, presentation rooms and universities.

Promotional videos

Providing medical information in the form of short videos is a useful tool in promoting a brand, created and developed by our creative team.

Event planning

Through exhibitions, congresses and other healthcare related events, brands have an additional way of connecting with audiences. We can assist healthcare brands with specific services for strengthening their presence in these and similar events.

Marketing and Management Consulting

Healthcare institutions require firm knowledge on industrial trends, competition and customer behavior when entering such a competitive market. The access to that kind of information can often be very challenging and time consuming, which leaves the impression that the presence of a trusted advisor and expert is needed.

Sisarv has experience with management consulting for hospitals and medical equipment providers to meet those needs.
healthcare marketing بازاریابی خدمات درمانی

Strategic plan

A strategic plan is a document that helps a business achieve the key defined objectives. A strategic plan needs to identify the mission, vision and core values of an organization while providing operational guidelines for achieving the objectives.

Marketing Plan

During a market and product development, a marketing plan is required to determine the objectives and marketing strategy of a business. Since a lot of businesses are rather cautious in the field of scientific marketing activities, having a marketing plan means to have a competitive advantage.

Digital Marketing for Healthcare

Due to the wide availability of online data and ease of access to the internet, most people search for their inquiries online. Therefore digital marketing is a core strategy for promoting healthcare specialists and facilities on the internet.

We offer the following digital marketing services in healthcare:

Digital Assets creation

Creating online content like websites, well-trafficked social network accounts and apps are our means to provide our clients with digital assets. By giving professional information on doctors, medical teams and hospital departments, audiences will feel more reassured and confident in using their services.

Digital asset management and traffic creation

After launching websites and social network accounts for healthcare services, they need to be maintained and updated. At this stage, industry-related content will be promoted by means such as email marketing, online public relations, banner ads, click-based ads and viral marketing with techniques to optimize site traffic and social networking.