A luxury brand has a range of very segment-specific characteristics. It differs from other brands by focusing on the wants of customers instead of the needs. Luxury products are distinguished from other brands in their merit status and range of premium products and services, which makes their purchase often a planned undertaking.

This is why they require a set of very segment-specific strategies and full-surround insight on market conditions when commercializing them. Customers make choices in competing luxury brands based on their different characteristics and industry recognition, which is why it’s necessary to successfully implement specific marketing programs in this area.

Luxury Brands Services

Marketing a luxury brand can be a challenging and sensitive activity. Distinctive brand placements require distinctive methods and strategies for designing brand elements such as the name, logo and colors. Our specialist teams of various professions market businesses in the luxury brand through combining their skills.

Advertising Tools for Luxury Products

Understanding industry competitors, demographics and psychographics is crucial to communicate luxury brands effectively. A luxury brand also needs to understand competitor strategies and consumer characteristics if it wants to become competitive and succeed inside the luxury industry.

By gathering information on these factors, results will be brought together with market analysis results to identify the right advertising and communication tools, including:
  • Text and video content tailored for luxury brand personas
  • Catalogs and brochures designed to present excellent products and services
  • Professional photography
  • Promotion of Luxury Brands Online

Management and Marketing Consulting for Luxury Brands

A detailed and comprehensive plan of strategy is key to successfully promote a luxury brand in such a competitive market. Sisarv aims at delivering services that strengthens the ties with its customers.

This includes the development of a mission and vision statement and the core values of a luxury brand based on the guidance of a trusted advisor and experts familiar with the various aspects of needs in this segment. The planning includes operational techniques to achieve the defined objectives.

A marketing plan is required when luxury brands want to enter an entirely new market or develop their current business. In this plan, our main goal is to concentrate on marketing activities in theory and practice.

IMC plan can be compiled separately to a marketing plan based on a defined budget to determine short-term goals and the means to achieve these goals for targeted advertising.

Customer service system design

In today’s business environment, one of the most effective activities for luxury brands is to have a strong online presence. Just as in other segments, responding to consumer needs is a top priority for luxury brands, which is why it needs precise and practical strategies for applying it.
Luxury brands need to build online presence in a way that keeps their view as a luxury brand. For that, they can communicate the unique features of their brand by using appealing images of the brand or running an online campaign, emphasizing on its distinctive features and stories.

We provide the following services for luxury brands In the field of digital marketing:

  • Design, optimization and website promotion
  • Launch and management of social network accounts
  • Updating website and social accounts continuously
  • Design and implementation of email and messaging campaigns
  • Viral marketing by publishing appealing content
  • Click and banner ads on popular websites
  • Public relations and online news publishing