برندینگ و بازاریابی صنعت ساختمان

Iran has long been an economy of a booming real-estate business. In recent times though, while high-rising residential and commercial towers and complexes have been built throughout the country and especially in Tehran, the industry has suffered relative stagnation and low efficiency in marketing and sales activities. Currently there is a rising need for a professional team that specializes in real-estate sales, since the segment’s current sales and methods are not sufficient for Iran’s massive construction industry anymore. The evolution lies in considering modern scientific methods and specialized branding, advertising, marketing and sales methods. We have recognized this empty spot in the industry. Therefore, we offer the aforementioned services in the area of real-estate to businesses in this industry.


Branding Strategies for Commercial, Residential and Office Buildings

After conducting market research and familiarizing with the market and competitors, we continue planning long-term strategies for development and on approaches to achieve objectives of establishing real-estate brands. While working on strategies, the objectives of a brand, including the mission and vision statements and also its core values will be defined in line with analyzing brand architecture, communication channels and competitive advantages.

Brand Name and Persona

At the beginning, a suitable name starts the whole process of value-creation for a construction-brand along with making it renown. Then our creative-team will start to compile a persona that defines a brand’s character, including the features and specifications of a certain building.

Logo Design, Tagline and Slogan Selection

Designing a simple logo for a building adds to the character of a building by representing its specific aim. In addition to the logo, a corporate slogan or tagline and similar expression of its nature are part of the strategy for achieving the intended objectives. Slogans for short-term advertising campaigns help a real-estate brand communicate its persona consistently. This is achieved by multiple Sisarv departments collaborating.

Building Visual Identity Design

The visual identity or outward expression of a real-estate brand, when provided, can be a strong and effective tool in creating added value. If it is not designed with care, it will question its credibility. Visual identity, graphical elements (including logos, colors, fonts and typography), office items (such as letterheads, envelopes, business cards and folders) and organizational elements (such as entrance guides, Uniforms, staff credentials and interior) are also being designed and provided by Sisarv.

Marketing Plan for Construction Projects

    Before any action can be taken in the sales of construction projects, scientific methods need to be considered for approaching a market strategy. Market research is a dynamic process and must be done on a continuous basis to meet up with changes in the environment and should analyze two aspects: Identifying and analyzing competitor strategies and get insight on the target audience and customers in different segment groups.

    برنامه بازاریابی سند مکتوبی شامل خلاصه نتایج تیم بازاریابی از تحلیل محیط بازار، دستورالعمل مرحله به مرحله دستیابی به اهداف بازاریابی، تاکتیک‌های راهنما برای اجرای این دستورالعمل و شیوه تخصیص تمامی منابع در طول دوره زمانی مشخص است. سی‌سرو با تدوین برنامه‌های بازاریابی متعدد در زمینه‌های مختلف و به‌ خصوص صنعت ساختمان، دارای تجربه‌ای غنی در این زمینه است.

    ارتباطات یکپارچه بازاریابی، برنامه‌ای کلی است که سی‌سرو جهت برقراری ارتباط با مشتریان پروژه‌های ساختمانی طراحی می‌کند تا در آن اهداف ارتباطی پروژه از طریق ابزارهای یکپارچه بازاریابی به جامعه هدف منتقل شود. تدوین این برنامه در طی مراحل زیر توسط متخصصان سی‌سرو انجام می‌شود.

    • تحلیل موقعیت کنونی پروژه ساختمانی و پارامترهای محیط خارجی
    • تحقیقات بازار و تحلیل استراتژیک متغیرهای اثرگذار بر پروژه
    • تعیین اهداف کلی برنامه ارتباطات یکپارچه بازاریابی براساس استراتژی بازاریابی
    • تعیین مخاطبان هدف براساس ویژگی‌های جمعیت‌شناختی، جغرافیایی، رفتاری و روان‌شناختی
    • تعریف ابزارهای ارتباطات یکپارچه بازاریابی و تعیین استراتژی ارتباطی هر یک از آن‌ها
    • تعیین زمان‌بندی و بودجه کمپین ارتباطات یکپارچه بازاریابی و ارزیابی و کنترل آن

    Advertising and Communications


    Communication Strategy

    A comprehensive communication strategy will be written by us to achieve goals such as real estate brand awareness, stimulating demand, identifying audience needs, attract new customers and maintain competitiveness.

    Media Planning and Buying

    Media planning requires the evaluation, buying and planning of the best media tools for optimized and cost-effective real estate brand advertising. At Sisarv we have a deep understanding of the audience’s media habits, which is why we can approach them with increased effect.

    Creative Content

    We offer different creative content including photography, video content, text content, clips and teasers by the cooperation of our creative teams.

    Promotional Tools

    Our creative team also designs tools like catalogs, brochures, magazines, posters, websites, banner stands, exhibition items and outdoor advertising for construction projects.


    At last, our expert team reviews all processes to identify their strengths and weaknesses, creating continuous improvements in the advertising and communication procedures.

    Strategy and Sales Organization

    By employing its expert team, Sisarv documents strategic plans and sales processes of construction projects based on the following steps

    • Defining objectives, strategies and the most important sales processes
    • Determining strategic events such as for customer inquiries, exhibitions and sales campaigns
    • Assigning sales objectives and processes within the sales department
    • Determining the methods and indicators of successful negotiation meetings.
    • Designing and redesigning sales processes
    • Developing sales team processes

    Sisarv designs and manages sales organizations for construction projects to implement sales strategies and processes effectively based on the following steps

    • Organization design based on product groups, functional charts, area, leads and customer segmentation and strategic customers.
    • Design of sales channels and multi-channels
    • Managing sales portfolios for construction projects and their profit margins
    • Focusing on market development based on sales strategies
    • Clarifying sales processes and controlling sales personnel and teams
    • Planning and controlling Qualitative and quantitative sales measures

    Providing real-estate marketing services without the continuous monitoring of all processes will be ineffective. Evaluation and monitoring of construction projects is taken by Sisarv in the following order:

    • Profit margin measurement per customer and per product
    • Sales ratios calculation such as contracts per proposals, average order value, gained and lost customers.
    • Integrated sales channels management through Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems

    Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    Who can work without technology and digital assets? Businesses need to advertise and communicate their brand online if they want to build a stable presence. We help our clients in finding the right approach.

    Advertising & Communications

    Advertising is an investment into the future of your brand in a fast economy. Communication is key to positively distinguish a brand from competitors. We assist you in developing a prominent brand persona.


    We love shaping brands. That is why we strive to grant them value and authenticity. This may start by creating an appealing name/logo combination, to give our clients a head-start at making their business thrive.

    Digital Marketing