شرکت تبلیغاتی دیجیتال سی سرو

Sisarv is an award-winning marketing and communications agency that specializes in offering digital marketing solutions to its clients. We combine creativity, knowledge and our expertise in business to create customized solutions for our clients to grow inside the unique market of Iran and the MENA region. Our local knowledge of the Iranian economy and digital marketing in Iran and the MENA region can help you in maintaining a competitive edge against regional competitors. Our team assists companies in preparing their brand successfully for the future.

Strategy & Marketing

A strategist needs to think and plan outside of the box and a marketer needs a dynamic approach to tackle the market successfully. We have both the skills and expertise to help our clients in these challenging steps.


We love shaping brands. That is why we strive to grant them value and authenticity. This may start by creating an appealing name/logo combination, to give our clients a head-start at making their business thrive.

Advertising & Communications

Advertising is an investment into the future of your brand in a fast economy. Communication is key to positively distinguish a brand from competitors. We assist you in developing a prominent brand persona.

Digital Marketing

Who can work without technology and digital assets? Businesses need to advertise and communicate their brand online if they want to build a stable presence. We help our clients in finding the right approach.

Service Segments

Digital marketing is at the heart of our work, fueled by various clients of different segments: 


Appropriate marketing and branding strategies are necessary to build strong names and ties in the healthcare industry. We know how a physician, medical clinic or a hospital needs to implement digital assets to meet its special needs. Spreading healthcare!

Luxury Brands

The influence of the luxury market cannot be ignored in today’s business and consumer world. As luxury brands are being promoted continuously, we operate within their segment to support  clients; design is fine, great quality is forever.

Real Estate

Commercializing and building shopping malls and modern buildings are niche markets which need more specific attention. As an experienced marcom agency we are able to promote brands for real-estate; great architecture needs a great shine.


E-commerce has grown into a common way of trade. As more businesses sell their solutions online, the investment into a virtual presence is a must-do. We can give you advice on effective e-commerce based on our own stories and experiences; virtuality has no boundary.


Sisarv Business Blog: The 5 Best Online Advertising Platforms in Iran

In the wake of an exponentially rising e-commerce industry, online advertising opportunities and digital marketing solutions, several social media platforms are now working as a matured gateway for promoting goods and services in Iran. The country’s Internet penetration rate is increasing tremendously, putting the country into the Nr.1 position in the MENA region regarding the amount of people…